Wunder & Wasabi

WE are specialists for world changing ideas

We love NFTs, smart contracts and crypto. We truly believe in Web 3.0 and the metaverse. Together we create the NOWNOW for brands, associations and personalities.


The NTF agency

We are specialists for world changing blockchain ideas. We love smart contracts, crypto and NFTs. We truly believe in web 3.0

Together We create the NOWNOW for brands, associations and personalities. Together We generate long term value for your community and brand. Together We transform your business model to be part of the METAverse landscape

Let’s work on ideas, that change the world.

nft = Non Fungible TOKEN


Revolution. NFT and the underlying smart contracts will change the world as the internet did in its early days in the 90s and social media in the 2000s.


Now. NFTs are gaining mainstream relevance and interest every day. The market cap is rising and inspiring multi-million dollar projects in art, DeFi and games are developed. The world is changing. The opportunity is here.


Together. Brands, associations, personalities - all try to establish in that space, but often with poor creation and execution. Short termed headlines are the goal. We believe in the long game. We create with substance, have the expertise and knowledge to execute great projects.

Our Services

How can we make it happen for you and your organization?

The Sh** is real!

Consulting & Education

Let’s explore the NFT world and what could work for your brand and business. We educate your teams, focused on all or individual components of the metaverse / web 3.0 landscape. We talk NFTs, crypto, blockchain and maybe some bored apes.

Idea & Strategy

Let's draft a strategy to create something that adds value to your brand, but also drives value for your community. We brainstorm ideas, analyze markets, explore customer trends and define success.

Creation & Execution

We want your customers to buy your NFTs. We create THE assets, propose technical partners and blockchain options and work on a kick ass launch strategy. We believe the hype and partner on long term projects.

Let's make it REAL.

We are here for you.